2018 Tour cards who will retain them?

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2018 Tour cards who will retain them?

Post by phil davies » Sun Jan 21, 2018 7:49 pm

I usually do this predict which of the new tour card holders will be top 64 after the two years mine are below post yours up and where you think they will be.

UK Tour Cards
Eddie Dooston
Corey Cadby
Alan Tabern
Robert Owen
Arron Monk
George Killington
Nathan Aspinall
Ross Smith
Terry Temple
Dawson Murschell
Ryan Harrington
Simon Stevenson
Gary Eastwood
Matthew Edgar
Bradley Brooks
Ryan Meikle
Ryan Joyce
John Goldie
Kevin Burness
Tony Newell
Luke Woodhouse
Peter Hudson

European Tour Cards
Jeffrey de Zwaan
Mario Robbe
Tytus Kanik
Danny Noppert
Robert Marijanovic
Dirk van Duijvenbode
Gabriel Clemens
Jose Perales
Vincent Kamphuis
Davy van Baelen

From them can see the following being top 64 after 2 years

Cadby- Top 20 assuming he comes over and does the full tour
Noppert- Top 32
Robert Owen- Top 50 he has improved greatly in the last 6 months and think he will do quite well
Aspinall- Top 50 see above
Hudson- 64 to 50th always rated him highly and fancy he will do reasonably well
De Zwaan- Top 64 pretty decent young player should have enough to be top 64

That’s my picks give us yours.
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