Why should I Register?

Details of who we are and what we do and why you should register and get involved in the biggest darts forum
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Why should I Register?

Post by Admin » Mon May 10, 2010 5:26 pm

Welcome Guest!

From 15th May 2010 you will have to register with us in order to view the members part of the forum.

We hope the you have seen enough on the forum or 'About TSoD' to encourage you to join our merry band.

We have taken the decision to ask for registration for some very simple reasons and hope the process, which should take no longer than a minute, is not too onerous.

Forum registration is not uncommon and is generally requested if you want to see all 'the best bits'.

You simply need to provide an email address and username. We can assure you that non of this information will be shared with any third parties.

The site cookie and login settings are as you would expect, so logging in after registering will be very straightforward.

Why have we asked for registration?

* Clearly a larger number of registered users may make us more attractive to possible sponsors

* If we were to generate revenue through any outside sponsorship this would be invested entirely in our 'Player Sponsorship' initiative which has already sponsored 2 professional players and is just gearing up to sponsor the third.

* We will not divulge your email address or details to any third party.

* We genuinely want to nurture our small darting community and encourage as many people as possible to login and get involved. We have professional darts players registered on our site, including World Champions as well as fans and players of all ability. The advise and knowledge that is imparted from our members is second to none.

* On match days we post live scores and updates, often well before the official updates are published, we can do this because many of our members are either watching or playing in these games.

* It is fair to say that we feel monitoring member registrations is a necessary evil, because whilst the vast majority of people are well intentioned, the harsh realities are that occasionally forums attract slightly dubious characters!

Rest assured we are not trying to be elitist, but all 7 of us (mods) agreed that there is some very good content on the site and all we ask is that people complete a very simple registration process.

If anyone does have any issues then please feel free to pm any of the ’mods’ or email us at admin@thestarsofdarts.com

Happy darting.



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