Barneys Phase 5

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Barneys Phase 5

Post by cannibal » Sun Dec 03, 2017 9:21 pm

Ok should have typed this up yonks ago as I won these in the PL comp back in May. May was about the time the shit hit the fan in my family and I bugged off this forum for a few months. I certainly appreciate Unicorn putting up the goods for prizes for the comps here and so I should keep up my end of the deal and put up a little review of these darts as I did throw with them for a couple months.

Barney Phase 5, out of the box a nice looking dart. I like the multi color aspect of it and the knurling provides a nice grip for my touch. I threw with these for a couple months and was surprised the color held up extremely well on both the black and the gold. My previous black Unicorn darts lost color relatively quickly (they where the Taylor phase 6 from several years ago). So Kudos to Unicorn for improving the finishing process on the darts. The biggest thing I noticed straight away was the black points are much more grippier in the sisal. On previous darts I have from Unicorn the silver darts always needed a good scuffing to ensure proper penetration and staying power in the sisal. The black points required no scuffing and found them to stick well especially given I have the tendency to throw a couple wobblers every few turns.

My only complaint is my grip isn't suited for these darts as where they placed the smooth ring section is right about where I want my thumb and forefinger to grip and requires the maximum knurl for a good toss. Hardly Unicorns fault just not the perfect fit for me. I do like these darts tho and was very pleased with the improvements on the finish and the points from Unicorn. I went back to my old Phase 6 s that I won a couple years ago. The finish is gone off them but the grip is still good and the points need the occasional scuffing but I am comfortable with them and I get good results from them for me at my crap ass standard lol.
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