Premier 90% Tungsten Natural - Michael Smith 22g

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Premier 90% Tungsten Natural - Michael Smith 22g

Post by Chambord » Fri Mar 30, 2018 8:30 am

This set seems tailored for winning Worlds and majors.
Reminds me of the feeling I had playing with Gary Anderson's. Great balance, great grip, just bang'em in.
Now I finally understand Smith's faces when he doesn't hit 180s all the time. From my very own experence of playing with them for a few days: It's harder actually NOT hitting trebles with them. They just go in.
You've got no excuse being a pro, playing with these darts, and not winning tournaments.
The only thing that's between Smith and a major is his own speed of throw that makes him a very on / off type of player. There will come a TV tournament (sooner rather than later) when he will just click. And locked on the right wavelength of these darts he'll just destroy everyone and get the cup.

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