Review Darts Won - Barneveld Phase 5 Purist GSOD Winner

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Review Darts Won - Barneveld Phase 5 Purist GSOD Winner

Post by el_ringo » Thu Dec 04, 2014 2:17 pm

First things first this is what you get


And this is what's inside the standard Unicorn Case etc


Perhaps the most important part of these darts si that they are just barrels only which to me represents no problem as I have never used the stems / flights combination that have come with a set of darts.

So what do the barrels look like ?


Nicely signed with the RVB signature to prove authenticity not sure it makes any noticeable difference to the grip though.

I only have had a quick throw with these using some short polydeflect shafts with dimplex flights but they seem to land where I want them to and at the angle I prefer with absolutely no difference between any 1 of the 3 darts.
They are a bit fatter than what I normally prefer to a dart as I like to hold a dart very near the front so they seem a slight touch too big in my fingers but of course to someone else this may well suit them.

Unfortunately for me I put them down and went back to my usual set of another competition prize win RvB World Champion Black Titanium 25g as I don't like to chop and change what I throw with and whilst they were on the size my father took an active interest in them and 'acquired' them for his use.

The points have also so far retained their blackness which I thought might quickly disappear. I do find with the black points on an Eclipse III board it can lead to the is it in or out moments more often on the close wire shots on the dark segments.

So whilst they may not be the perfect set for me they are certainly eye catching enough to impress another person so if eye catching darts are for you then this may well be a set worth considering.

I'll keep an eye on father playing with them and if he manages to start hitting the board regularly then I will know for sure the darts have made the improvement for him finally at 71 years of age ;)

So in brief to round up a great dart if you like a slightly fatter type of dart which if left about will get quickly coveted by other players !

On the Unicorn site they are listed here ... urist.aspx

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Re: Review Darts Won - Barneveld Phase 5 Purist GSOD Winner

Post by phil davies » Thu Dec 04, 2014 2:42 pm

Great review!
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Re: Review Darts Won - Barneveld Phase 5 Purist GSOD Winner

Post by spaceman70 » Thu Dec 04, 2014 4:09 pm

Thank you.
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