Kevin Painter 24g

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Kevin Painter 24g

Post by The Crusader » Thu Mar 19, 2015 11:21 am

Won these in the Lucky Dip week 1 and made up.

I have been struggling with darts for around 4/5 years due to slipped discs but carried on as I love the game, some local lads who play at a pretty good standard watched me throw for several weeks and made some judgements, changed stems to ex short, went from standard to pear flights and they recommended a shorter barrel, the feeling was that I was looping my longer darts in rather than throwing them.

So onto the darts when looking I noticed that these are the closest grip to when I played sensible darts, could hold my own against most local lads, then I noticed the 24g are shorter than the 22g so taking advice said above picked these and so glad I did.

Lovely grip, weight is even throughout the barrel, don't get slippy when hands go warm/sweaty and they land how I recall my darts landed a few years back. Played two matches so far, lost both but was on a 2 dart finish on both occasions after giving away about 9 darts at start as we play double off, however I have hit 125,140 and 180 in the 2 matches so far so scoring is fine.

Thanks to Ginge, Spaceman, Unicorn, TSOD and the local lads who understand darts who in the last 6 months have given me belief that I can play the game at a better standard again soon, may take a while but I truly feel that all the above added together give me the belief, confidence is growing and I believe I will hit what I am aiming for rather than hoping like hell it goes near.

Thanks again.

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