Unicorn Eclipse Pro board & 11052 23g Gary Anderson - PL comp wins

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Unicorn Eclipse Pro board & 11052 23g Gary Anderson - PL comp wins

Post by Chambord » Thu Jun 18, 2015 9:40 am

Probably the best review I could have done for this pair (board+darts) would have been to just upload a photo of my first 180 on it. All 3 darts landed in the right half of the T20 bed (not that I did it on purpose ofc) leaving the left side of the T20 completely free, with plenty of room for another 3-4 darts. So yeah, the trebles are really generous on the board, doubles as well, thinnest wiring (thinner than that would mean finger cuts), no staples ofc. In a couple of dozens visits the only bounce-out I had was for hitting the 20 mark while going for a tops.

The dartset comes with a very nice black wallet and Scotland flag flights (with Gary stage name and signo on sides). The first thing that I noticed and liked was the long / adherent / uniform grip. Suits me really well as I really struggle with short or smooth grips. Putting them to practice I found myself pretty soon a very good horizontal balance with them, drifts to 5s and 1s reduced significantly. I still have to work on the vertical balance as most of my shots land over / below T20. But constantly hitting tons and that's a good thing. I didn't expect to settle that so quickly. I also have to work on the doubling, D20 especially as I was used to lighther darts. D10, D16, D8 are fine for my standard. All in all very well balanced darts, real world champion material.

Hope at least half of my review made any sense as I'm not a native speaker and definitely lack the terminology for a more comprehensive / inteligible review.

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Post by nikkiboy » Thu Jun 18, 2015 10:28 am

Good review thanks

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