Rab's Prize "Unicorn Eclipse Dartboard" Review

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Rab's Prize "Unicorn Eclipse Dartboard" Review

Post by rabsmith2 » Wed Oct 21, 2015 10:04 am

My Grand Prix random draw prize, a Unicorn Eclipse Dart Board arrived today. Thank you to Unicorn for this lovely board,TSOD, Ginge and Spaceman. A few wee complaints ,firstly, well what can I say, once is hard to believe but twice unheard of, the numbers on this dartboard are all mixed up as well,1,18,4........ Secondly, every time I retrieve my darts I do be starving, the smell of bacon coming from the bristles would lift you. Fourthly I can't spell thirdly; there is an awful magnetic pull towards the twelve and an invisible shield on the twenty. Filthy, sounds better than fifthly, someone said to put the board at 5ft 8" to the bull, they don't know my bull, you wouldn't be able to put it in the next field, sure wouldn't the smell of bacon drive him mad as well and he is not that big into the darts anyways! Lastly, a lovely prize to win, thanks again to all involved but mostly Mr Random Generator, I’ll get you a pint someday, why do you never enter the competitions? Your wile good always there to pick the winner. Now me bacon sarnies are nearly ready and I think I will have a wee practice,! I will bid you all farewell and wish you all the best and the bust of luck and never trust a fart when wearing long johns, overalls and wellies.
P.S.... Not a bloody Unicorn to be seen!!!

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