24g Gary Anderson Phase 1

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24g Gary Anderson Phase 1

Post by The Crusader » Tue Mar 15, 2016 11:17 am

Sorry for the delay in writing a little review, had lots on and me mum has had a stroke (hopefully coming home today) so this has been a low priority.

The darts arrived in good packaging, I use unicorn gripper shafts so never bothered trying the ones that came with barrels. The grip is medium which I like and the darts are well balanced as always with unicorn products. My 1st couple of hours had a few stray darts as I changed weight but soon got that sorted. They now go straight 80% of the time which is entirely my pathetic effort at playing but good for me.

I would have no doubts whatsoever in recommended these to someone who likes a medium length straight barrel which has enough grip at the end. Team members have said they can see a big improvement in my game and I know there is more to come, now I trust the darts confidence has risen which should also help.

Thanks again to Unicorn,TSOD,Ginge and Spaceman.
Thinking of one.

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