Unicorn Phase 5 Mirage

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Unicorn Phase 5 Mirage

Post by cannibal » Fri Apr 08, 2016 4:53 pm

I won this in the Unicorn UK Open prediction comp. Let me first say thank Unicorn for the prize and I got them pretty quick as well. I had won the Phase 6 a couple years ago been throwing them ever since I got them.

I wanted to see what the difference was in the feel between the 6 and 5 as they are almost the same dart. Big difference is in tapered front on the 6 and a more knurls on the 6. Had a throw with them on and off the last week and I have to say with the Taylor set up of those tiny flights one has to really throw that tungsten with force. I never realized how hard Taylor must throw until I tried it. I have a bit more of what I like to call a finese throw but feel free to call me a nancy if you like lol. I had to use standard flights to get any consistency out of them. I do like the use of less knurls on the 5 as it keeps me gripping the darts in the same spot more frequently.

I also like the choice of the way they did the coloring on the mirage it is all in the knurl so I am guessing it won't be as likely to wear off. That was my one complaint about the Phase 5 as I got the black, after 2 years of use the black is gone except in the knurled area. Doesn't bother me as I am function over form but others value the cache of the look. The mirage coloring is a rainbow fade type thing so my wife had to "straight" away make some off handed comment about the choice of color lol. She usually is as quite as a church mouse so was a bit of a laugh for her to make such a comment.

After my dart season is over I am going to make a switch to these and give them a proper go as I do like the feel of these. Have to say the grip on the 6 has held up very well, certainly better than other Unicorn darts lower in the quality range that I owned (john part silver stars and Maestro 180's or something like that) so I guess that is part of the value of paying a bit more. Thanks again to Unicorn for the darts, Spaceman for the logistics, and Bluespark for running the comp. And to the others that contributed in getting it off the ground sorry I forgot who it was.
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