Barneveld Phase 5

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Barneveld Phase 5

Post by crispy1978 » Tue Aug 23, 2016 9:30 pm

As won in the recent Matchplay competition, I went for these darts in 25g. As anyone who actually knows me personally and has seen me throw a dart at pubs in Barnsley or Wigan will know that you could give me a set of brass darts and it wouldn't make much difference! However, I still give it a whirl!

The darts came just as the barrels (as it says on the website), so arming some basic flights and stems, we're good to go!

The first thing I noticed was the grip. There's two distinct differences, a smooth area and a roughened area - I like a grip on my darts, so had to hold them slightly different to how I normally would - further up and on the black section compared to nearer the base of the barrel. This actually gave me more control, and I hit 4 100 scores and a 140 in about 15 minutes along with a pile of 60s, 85s, etc - so not too bad.

I tried holding the barrels by the gold section where the second part of the grip is, but that's too high up for me.

I took them through for my Dad to have a go with, and he hit a 180 second throw with them followed by another 5 minutes later - think he likes them! Granted, he always was so much better than I ever was, even though he only throws at home now as well!

So yes, a good set of darts - definitely one I'll use, as opposed to some I have bought in the past that just sit in a drawer!

Thanks once again to TSOD, and of course Unicorn.

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