Jabba 23g DNA

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Jabba 23g DNA

Post by crispy1978 » Wed Oct 19, 2016 11:31 pm

Had a chuck of these, so here we go:

As I won a set recently, I said that Stacey could have the next set - so she chose the Jabba DNA ones. They are considerably lighter than her current ones, but she knows she should chuck lighter darts so wanted to give these a go - plus I think aesthetics had a say in it.

Well, we played best of 5, 501 - I lost 4-1, and she averaged 48.67 (me 42.22) with 5 tons and a 137! I think they went OK.

She said the grip was generally pretty good for her usual throw although she would have preferred the dart to be slightly more forward weighted. I noticed the dart was sitting upright quite a lot, which is unusual for her throw, but it certainly didn't seem to hinder them.

I also had a chuck with them, move the weighting to the front and I think I could get on pretty well with them.

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